A unique approach for discovering new autophagy therapeutics

The Lysoseeker™ Platform

,,,An unbiased, data-driven approach to discover new biology.

Lysoseeker™ is a set of capabilities which goes from screen to drug via new mechanisms and disease utility.

We start with an unbiased phenotypic screen and use proprietary technologies, including machine learning, to understand the mechanisms and targets of the autophagy-inducing molecules we identify.

We also screen these new molecules in a variety of translatable cellular models of disease.

With Lysoseeker™ we have discovered several highly promising lead molecules which are being optimised towards the clinic and restore autophagy in vivo via completely novel biology.

The process of autophagy features multiple steps and is highly dynamic.

We are building an understanding of these processes at a transcriptional and proteomic level and probing them with molecules to discover new intervention points, with the goal of boosting the whole process.

Our unbiased approach is leading to numerous opportunities for intervention.

The Lysoseeker™ Platform

A unique approach for discovering new autophagy therapeutics.


What if we could tackle the cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease?

Rare Monogenic Disease

What if we could offer real hope for serious rare genetic diseases?

Our Pipeline

Samsara is leveraging its knowledge of new autophagy biology.

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