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Our Science


LysoSeeker® is our proprietary technology platform for discovering novel biology and drug candidates. In a break from traditional, target-based drug discovery, it uses an unbiased phenotypic approach to identify promising molecules. This means identifying autophagy-inducing molecules early on, then unravelling their mechanism and discovering new biology in the process. It’s a unique, world-leading approach to tomorrow’s gravest health challenge.

  • Step 1 Discovery
    Finding molecules that induce autophagy

    We start with high-throughput unbiased phenotypic screening of hundreds of thousands of molecules to discover ones that induce autophagy.

  • Step 2 Characterisation
    Analysing their effects and performance

    We apply a range of biological tests to interrogate the effects and performance of autophagy-inducing molecules. We assess each one with our proprietary LysoScore® tool.

  • Step 3 Validation
    Testing them in human cells

    Using patient stem cells, we test promising molecular compounds in human neurons. We look for evidence of the removal of toxic proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Step 4 Target
    Identifying precisely how they work

    We use a range of techniques (such as proteomics, chemoproteomics and PROTACS) to interrogate how the compounds work. As our vast data library grows, the process accelerates.

  • Step 5 Biomarker
    Finding measurable signals of success

    To assess the performance of drug candidates in clinical trials, we identify clear, easily measurable signals that show they’ve reached their target and are working in the body.