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Job Title: Scientist

Samsara Therapeutics is an exciting early stage drug discovery company with the goal of identifying new therapies for extending healthy ageing and treating ageing related and genetic diseases by identifying molecules that induce the process of autophagy. By targeting the ageing process, rather than a specific disease, we are changing the paradigm of the pharma industry and this is a great chance to be part of it.

Autophagy is the cell’s method for recycling unwanted or damaged proteins and has been shown to reduce with age. Autophagy induction leads to increased lifespans in all species measured, and has exciting therapeutic effects in many major diseases including neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, metabolic syndrome, numerous rare genetic disorders and infectious diseases.

Samsara was founded in 2018 and has operations in Oxford, Boston, Paris and Graz Austria. We are backed by Apollo Ventures, a company builder and investor in longevity, and have world-renowned scientific founders who are leaders in the geroscience field. We are expanding our team in Oxford, moving to centrally located, state-of-the-art laboratories, and now have vacancies for entrepreneurial and skilled cell biologist/molecular biologists to grow their careers with us. This is a chance to join an exciting discovery environment in one of the most interesting therapeutic areas in pharma today.

Job Summary
We are seeking a highly motivated, creative and self-starting scientist with a strong interest in the biology of ageing, with both excellent practical and communication skills and who can thrive in a fast-growing company. You will be primarily lab-based but will be working in a highly collaborative international environment involving many scientists across the globe. We are developing new methods in phenotypic screening and proteomics while unravelling and characterising novel mechanisms of protein homeostasis which require the construction of robust validation experiments to ensure they will be relevant to human disease.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience required

  • A PhD in a relevant biological sciences discipline with strong expertise in molecular and cell biology.
  • Additional relevant experience in a commercial or academic laboratory setting is desirable.

The role will include, but is not limited to, preparation of novel cell lines, designing and running affinity-based, target engagement and functional screening, sample preparation for various omics experiments, and handling primary cell/patient cell lines. You will work closely with medicinal chemists and other drug discovery scientists and will be expected to communicate your work on a regular basis both to an internal audience and externally.

Closing date
Open until filled.

Further information
We offer a competitive salary, commensurate with qualifications and experience, and a benefits package.

If you’re ready to help us cross a new frontier, email us at

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