We are discovering new therapeutics for cellular rejuvenation

This is a new frontier of biology

What if we could discover new therapeutics that remove toxic proteins from your cell, boost your immune system and replenish your cell’s energy stores?

Autophagy is a process of cellular renewal which occurs in all the cells of the body. Its role is to clear unwanted proteins, organelles and even invading bodies such as viruses and bacteria, cutting them up into building blocks which can be used by the cell to make new proteins. Autophagy occurs at a low level continuously but is boosted when we exercise or when we are hungry. And many studies have shown that boosting autophagy in model organisms significantly extends lifespan.
When we age, the ability of our cells to undergo autophagy reduces. And in many diseases, particularly ones which have a genetic basis, we see dysfunctional autophagy. In fact there is huge and compelling evidence from human genetics that many diseases are driven by autophagy dysfunction. Samsara’s mission is to discover new mechanisms which can restore autophagy, and at the same time new drugs which use these mechanisms for the treatment of genetically defined diseases.

Our people

Samsara has been created by Apollo Health Ventures, with academic founders who are world leaders in the fields of geroscience and cellular homeostasis.  Samsara features a leadership team with vast experience in pharma, biotech and the science of aging, and a highly skilled scientific team based in our new labs in Oxford.



Peter Hamley, PhD, MBA

Chief Scientific Officer

John Blackwood

John K. Blackwood, PhD

Vice President, Biology

Warren Galloway, PhD

Vice President, Chemistry

Géraldine Farjot

Géraldine Farjot, PhD

Vice President, Translational Medicine

Board of Directors

Meenu Chhabra Karson

Meenu Chhabra Karson

Executive Chair

Nils Regge

Nils Regge

Anela Vukoja

Anela Vukoja, PhD

Scientific Team

Alkmini Kalousi, PhD

Nancy Malintan, PhD

Tsz Ting (Gigi) Chow, MSc

Jakub Stefaniak, PhD

James Taylor, PhD

Matthew G. Williamson, PhD

Natalia Pinzon

Gabriela Vilema Enríquez, PhD

Ben Atkinson, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Schlossmacher

Prof. Michael Schlossmacher MD

Ed Tate

Prof. Ed Tate

Christian Behl

Prof. Christian Behl

We have major collaborations with INSERM and the University of Dundee, and we have established a cutting edge new laboratory in Oxford

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