Restoring Autophagy, Reversing Disease

Erasing the signs of cellular damage




We are boosting cell rejuvenation to treat currently incurable neurodegenerative and rare genetic diseases

Autophagy (from the Ancient Greek: ”self-eating”) is the cell’s main method for recycling damaged components and this process declines with age. There is compelling evidence that boosting autophagy leads to increased healthspan and lifespan, while impaired autophagy drives many serious diseases.

We are enhancing healthspan, by building an unbiased data-driven drug discovery engine

We’re letting our proprietary data guide us in new and unexpected directions to find better ways to restore autophagy. This approach allows us to uncover novel biology and gives us fundamental insights into how the cell controls this process.  It’s led us very quickly to first in class, disease modifying programs which have exciting therapeutic activity.

Introducing Samsara

Rejuvenating cells
Restoring health
Reversing disease

The Lysoseeker™ Platform

A unique approach for discovering new autophagy therapeutics.


What if we could tackle the cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease?

Rare Monogenic Disease

What if we could offer real hope for serious rare genetic diseases?

Our Pipeline

Samsara is leveraging its knowledge of new autophagy biology.

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© 2021 Samsara Therapeutics
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